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Mantanani Island- Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Mari- Mari Backpackers Lodge- Mantanani Island 2D1N
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     The so-called “Sabah Phuket Island” is one of the famous tourist destinations that you should not miss! Believe it or not, Mantanani Island is among the most recommended destination to visit! A one and a half hour of car ride would lead you to Kuala Abai jetty before taking off on a 45-minute speed boat ride to step your foot on this paradise!

Long stretch of white sandy beach, the warm sea breeze, crystal clear seawater and the endless sea view would deeply imprint in your memory. During the night, staying in the traditional high-rise wooden hut, you would be able to hear an amazing rhythm of the humming crickets together with the sound of the wind blowing softly through the pine trees, it is totally a rest in the melody of pure nature and a true getaway from the hustle of working life.
The unbelievable serenity also releases a sense of romantic aroma, which is also a perfect honeymoon destination! Among the activities on the island are snorkeling, sun bathing, relaxing walk to the nearby villages and witnessing the breathtaking sunrise and sunset.
We have chosen Mari- Mari Backpacker Lodge as our accommodation provider. The place is maintained with its distinctive Sabah High-rise Wooden House, with first-class service personnel and is naturally surrounded by a peaceful and quiet environment! This is definitely the best choice for a beach holiday!

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Mari- Mari Mantanani Island 2D1N

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  1. I never visited Mantanani Island before in my life. In fact I never listen about this place. After visiting this blog I know about this amazing place. Now, I have great wish to visit this island once in my life. I have decided to go there in coming month after my boston to niagara bus trip with my family. Would you like to give me few suggestions regarding this island tour?

    1. Hi! Sorry for the late reply. We would recommend at least 1 night stay at Mantanani Island in Sulap House (traditional high-rise hut) to spend your time on the island with your family. You could walk around the whole island and witness the splendid sunset. It is a very peaceful island away from the city, an amazing place for family bonding! Besides, you could also have the chance to visit the local fishermen's village. Of course, you and your family could enjoy all kinds of water sports (snorkelling, diving, kayak, fishing and etc.) It is also a perfect place for sun bathing!

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      Hope to hear from you soon!!!